12 AM

I can’t sleep at all, my mind is on my friend completely. I’m angry at her for behaving how she is. She still throws tantrums, bites or hits her mother. It just makes me upset for some reason. I’m not the one that has ever had to deal with it, I’m not her parent, but still.

I’ve been trying to find more healthy ways to distract myself, maybe more exercise? I might swap my games for an extra hour of exercise and such. Just enough to help me wake up and feel energized.

I’ve had rather strong cravings lately, hormones. Fried shrimp sounds good to be honest, I ate too much unhealthy foods that last week, since Sunday I believe. From Ice cream to Mexican food, I guess it’s okay since it was only for a short time. 

I’m getting a bit more sleepy.I just hope tomorrow goes decently well and that I’m able to get up at 7AM, which is a bit later than the time I usually get up.

I’ve been getting nightmares lately, too many nightmares. It makes my mood turn sour and can make me unintentionally lash out at people. Often times, the dreams are about some life or death situation, violence, or sometimes filled with scary images, but mostly life or death situations. Sometimes it prevents me from going outside, since I can be too cautious after a bad nightmare.

I might be going to my aunts for a night soon, so maybe going somewhere else might help give a change to my dreams.

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