GCE O level results

I got B3s for both HCL and French.

Mixed feelings really. It’s kinda sad to have zero As. But what can I expect when we didn’t take the full 8 subjects like most other schools did? 😂 It’s okay girl, A levels are more important, just work hard! Anyway, no more Chinese!!! Ahahaha liberated at long last!!! (But sighz by this time next year I’d probably have lost everything…)

Sitting together with last year’s class felt quite bittersweet today, while we were briefed on admin matters before collecting our certificates.

As for lessons, they have been quite slack. But they’re sure going to be picking up the pace soon. I’m lacking any motivation though. What to do ._.

Elit seems the most interesting. Plus, the Elit teachers seem the most interesting. We were doing This Be The Verse by Patrick Larkin that day, and if you search it up, you’d be surprised to see it taught in school I guess haha. Apparently our seniors have it in their syllabus, but it’s not in ours due to the syllabus change.

The other subjects are just okay. We met our math tutor just today, and she just spent her hour playing 2 truths 1 lie 😂. It was quite fun though haha. I think it’s great that she seems nice, because at least there’s something nice about math. ELL seems… technical. Probably that’s what linguistics is about. Both our tutors (idk why we have two) came from science backgrounds apparently hehe. But currently the pace is quite slow and I don’t really know what we’re doing besides word classes. Aren’t word classes for like primary schoolers?? Econs… idrk if I like it. It seems like human geog .-. Oh and our tutorial class has 7 people… Nowhere to hide 😭 help 😭

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  1. Hi @icanfly, sorry for taking so long, but anyway, by translation, I mean I want to translate between English and Mandarin Chinese. I love both. And also I conveniently did not know that you also know Chinese lol.

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