Well… It’s Friday

There are a thousand and one reasons why I packed up my kids, our stuff, and our kitty and moved our entire lives down South… to place where we know no one and would have to start our lives all over again. This week I have been privy to a reminder for one  of the bigger reasons.

Last week it was the raw skin cold. The kind of cold where you just can’t help saying “brrrr!”. You perpetually check the thermostat and even though it’s at the correct temperature you still want crank it. 

Yesterday I was awoken with the wonderful, loving Carolina sun. My son went to school wearing shorts and a tee shirt. I could drive around with the car window’s open. It was a gorgeous day out, no jacket necessary. 

It was Deedee’s birthday yesterday as well. As a treat I let her stay home from school. We drove to the city and got bubble tea. There is no where around here where we can buy it. Deedee’s been on a big bubble tea kick lately.

After repeatedly calling the pharmacy and the health center I finally got Snoochie’s script filled. May seem easy peasy to you, but I have terrible phone anxiety. I have to write out everything I need to say first. I hate, hate, hate talking on the phone.

By 5 pm neither the center nor the pharmacy gave me a call back. I called the center one last time and was informed all the doctors had gone home. I flipped my shit. I had been dealing with the problem for over 24 hours by this point. I freaked out at the on call nurse. “What am I suppose to do!? Every one tells me how important it is that she takes her medication. She doesn’t have any more left. What if she goes to school tomorrow and ends up killing herself in the bathroom or sonething? What if she has another episode? She’ll get admited to the psych ward again.” On call nurse seemed sympathetic. She said she would see what she could do. 5 minutes later the pharmacy called me and told me the script was filled.

Yesterday The Man reported something really sad to me. “One of the ferals is a pancake down the road”. I took a walk to see which one had been killed. It was Gypsy. She’s my favorite out of all the feline visitors. I’m going to miss seeing her pretty little face.


2 thoughts on “Well… It’s Friday”

  1. Glad you got the Rx for Snoochie — good for you, refusing to give up!
    I hate to see a kitten dead on the road. Or anything else.
    I’m a Carolina girl, too. South Carolina. Welcome to our world!!

  2. I spent part of my childhood in Los Angeles. Every time I have to unbury my car from a pile of snow I secretly wish I would have stayed there. xD

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