My Life Addicted to Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate)

First off, if you don’t know what Vyvanse is.. its a central nervous system stimulant used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and moderate to severe binge eating disorder. (

It all started with a small get together with some friends one Saturday night with some liquor and blow. I was completely murked and felt like i wouldn’t be able to make it for my early shift the next morning. A “buddie” of mine having ADHD handed me a capsule and said “take this in the morning you wont feel sick or anything” Me being a vulnerable 17 year old yute i took the pill without hesitation and popped it the next morning on my way to work.

My memory of this is super clear. That day I loved life and life loved me back. Every day after that I went over to my buddies and spent 10$ on a single 40mg pill every single day. What really won me over was how much it enhanced my work ethic. I would be on multiple stations at once while taking an order over the headset at Tims. If you didn’t know, Tim Hortons has an in and out service goal of 25 seconds or less at drive-thru window. I loved my job ten times more, it was like adrenaline always on the go.  It made me feel so energetic and confident especially knowing i was doing my job better and faster than anyone in that building. I was getting compliments at work everyday.  Id have to chill sometimes tho, i haven’t even gotten to the paranoia part yet..haha

I might add that I was dealing with an extremely hard breakup that put me into a little depression but with the help of this drug I one night texted the love of my life of four years saying “I never want to talk to you ever again, delete me i mean this”. Vyvanse gave me something better to focus my attention on. (not necessarily better but it did help me get over him) I became all about my work life. Still to this day I have not spoken to this guy. No regrets there tho;)

It got worse as the days went on. I started popping two 40 mg capsules of vyvanse a day in a time lapse of eight hours. (timmies shift work) Now if you know anything about this drug you know that it has a long ass shelf life.   will only repeat itself and it only left me awake for day

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