Another Week Gone By

Its been a pretty mixed week .. There were a couple of times I wanted to come and write but distractions distracted me from that ..

Following the Christmas snog with a colleague we caught up in the office too busy to notice any awkwardness .. it was the following day when he came to me with a sheepish but determined apology and I reassured him there was no need .. I wondered if he had told anyone else before shrugging it off, thinking those thoughts will do me no good and I carried on with my working week.

I shared a couple of long texting sessions with G .. he wants to meet up and I’m becoming more sure this is going to happen so have suggested maybe next week .. I am unsure of anything else but am beginning to feel glimpses of the old feelings returning.

I finally saw my son Wednesday evening who had been away with his girlfriend over the Christmas and New Year period .. they came over after work and we exchanged pressies .. it was an unexpected surprise to receive a new perfume, some PJ’s and more chocolates.

The same evening my TV decided it didn’t want to show no pictures while playing sound perfectly through a blank screen .. my son made it his mission to find me a new TV, picking it up and bringing it over on Saturday evening .. an expense I could have done without but I’m thankful to my son for taking the time.

I made two steps forward this week with his girlfriend who I’ve found it difficult to build any relationship with in the two plus years she has been with my son .. we spent Saturday up in the capital, shopping and lunching with suggestions we must do it again .. I hope so!

Thursday it poured with rain all day which turned to snow as I made my way home .. By the end of Friday the snow had all gone and it was bitterly cold.

I’ve been pretty productive around the house this weekend but am totally out of sync with my January focus .. I’m so glad I wrote down what my focus needs to be .. It will make it easier to pick it up again .. 

Its time to go to bed now and hopefully sleep better than the restless nights I seem to be having just of late .. Goodnight Goodnight Journal.

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