Day 15 – 30 Days to True Health

Cleanse day….I’m kinda starting to like them. They’re easy and uncomplicated.  Perfect for a Sunday. I can relax and not worry about cooking or planning….so maybe coffee and movies?  Well wouldn’t that be nice, but instead I decided to rip my laundry room apart and get it ready for renovation. Every time I ask Jim when he’s going to start he says – well, clean it out already.

So today I did!  Everything except the washing machine and dryer is piled around my house and I’ve determined there was a lot of junk stuffed in a tiny little room.  How does it get like that?  And how many candles does one family need?? 

Then is was off to yoga for an hour of Yin and an hour of Meditation.  Shea led the practice today and he is always aggressive in the postures.  I love the challenge of his classes but man, I was a sweat mess at the end of the first hour and somehow he even managed to get the meditation hour a bit sweaty.  But it was amazing and I am always thankful for my body and it’s abilities.  

So I guess today really was a true cleansing day; I cleansed my body, my laundry room and my soul.  Feels pretty damned good….namaste 🙏🏻


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