I never really knew how important I was to my friends until today. I’ve recently got out of a relationship and it ended revolving around lies that his step sister made up. He threatened me and told me that if i don’t leave her alone we will have problems. I just brushed it off but I filled my mom in on it when I got home. Later that night she made a post on her Facebook saying he needs to leave me alone and to not threaten me again. He soon commented on the post and was saying how I was a pathetic person because I got my mom involved and all this other stuff. Shortly after his comment one of my friends lets say his name is D he commented back and told him he needs to watch it because he wasn’t going to put up with him being rude like that to me.

Today D asked me what was said, I told him how he was blaming all this stuff on me and I didn’t do anything to him. D then asked if he threatened me and I said yes. He said okay and dropped the conversation. Soon enough it was time for lunch I got my tray and sat with my friends. D and his group of friends (we will call them G, N, A, B, and P) sit at the table right in front of me and my friends.

I’m talking with my friends and the next thing I know P is pointing and me and he says “she is right there you better apologize to her”. That’s when I realized who he was talking to. They where talking to the boy that threatened me( lets call him V). Then D looks at him and he says “If you know whats best for you I would apologize.”. V then stands up and walks over to me almost in tears and says “I’m so sorry if I made it sound like I was threatening you I didn’t mean it like that I’m sorry, but you didn’t have to get your friends involved.” I then says that “I didn’t get them involved and maybe he shouldn’t have been a jerk on Facebook and they wouldn’t be involved.” After that he started to walk away and P stood up and say “wait…did he apologize to you?” I replied with a yes and he sat down.

I never had anyone stand up for me like that I literally almost cried. I got up and I went over and hugged them all. I sat down with them so I could find out what was said and D said that what V did really ticked him off and he didn’t want someone to treat me that way. He said so he called V over and asked him about what happened between me and him. V told him that I wouldn’t leave his sister alone so he told me that if i didn’t stop we would have problems. D then asked “so you threatened her?”. Before V could reply G says “If you threatened to put hands on her, I’m going to have to threaten to put my hands on you.” V then says “I didn’t mean physically”  A then says “I don’t care if you meant it that way or not, you threaten her again I will put my hands on you and that’s not a threat it’s a promise.”.

After that, that’s when P told him to apologize to me.

I never really knew I was important to my friends but today proved that no matter what I have people there for me when I need them. Sorry if this entry was long I just felt like I needed to talk about it.

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