Best friend?

I want a best friend.

I am so tired of being the person who sits alone at work on lunch break. I am sick of seeing people tag ‘best friends’ in Facebook posts. It hurts.

OK, so I did attempt to befriend a fellow coworker a few weeks ago. I messaged her and asked her how she was a lot. She always read it and never replied. Then, she made a Facebook status about only one person on her friend list being worthy to talk to. -delete- I don’t have time for fake friends.

I just want a female friend who is like me. Someone who likes the music I do, movies, etc. Someone who can text me and go to the mall. Maybe go hiking together. I am 32 and I’ve never had a true best friend.

One thought on “Best friend?”

  1. @teedo..WOW. This pretty much sums me up. Sorry I am late replying. I have been uber busy at work.

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