my closet is just big enough

by closet i mean actual tiny clothes closet. the one in my room. the one that holds all of my clothes and a sad mess of papers from last semester.


i figured out a while ago that i am just short enough slash the closet is just big enough for me to lay down straight on the carpet without touching anything, and then just close the door on myself so it’s completely dark and i feel like a slowly thinning layer of paint just drying out where no one can see me.


taking the sat made me sad. it made me sad. it made me tired and anxious and stressed. i’ll probably have to do it all over again in may or june since i feel like i did so terribly–get up in the morning and walk forty minutes to school on a saturday before taking it for four+ hours and then walking home for forty minutes.


the thing that makes me cry is not the sat, though, but the women’s marches that have been going on around the world. they make me proud. the one good thing that came from this presidency is the fact that people are holding hands and standing up together and speaking up and saying that sexism and misogyny are wrong. the pussy hats, the nasty women t-shirts, they make me cry because of how proud i am that there are people who are willing to walk for something they know is important.


i wish i could have taken part in a women’s march somewhere.


but like i said, my closet is just big enough to lay down in. i should lay down and feel like the napstablook for a while, zoning out, before getting back to work.

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