Log Date 001

Log Date, 001.

I hate humans, Ive always hated humans. They disgust me. You may be revolted, but I’ve driven myself mad having to see these monsters every day. I think I would’ve killed myself if I was a full human myself.

No, I’m a Creature, the superior race. A Hybrid, to be exact. Third Spider, third Satyr, third human, to be more exact.

I dispise myself. I’ve always admired both my fathers, neither of them had any hate in their hearts. I loved them very much. Humans took them away from me a couple hundred years ago.

I am currently 308 years old, expected to live a normal, healthy 750 year old life. In that life, I want to do as much as I can to make humans understand what they’ve taken from this race. A thousand years ago, nearly. I know humans don’t live nearly long enough to reach 100 years (every time I think about it I feel a bit better), but racism towards Creatures is not dead. 

If only there was a way to make humans see what it was like to be a Creature. The beauty of Creatures is endless. I’m sure they would ditch their worthless human lives for one if they could. They would.

End Log.

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