109 Back

I am having a lot of negative thoughts today.  I am in pain – my back is in muscle spasm that won’t let up.  I stayed home from my office and was going to do a little work here on my couch.  I did.  A little. Not much – due to system limitations. And the pain. If I just lay down and not move I’m ok. If I try to move it hurts. When I stand up it hurts. Once I’m up I can walk around without too much pain.  I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried ibuprofin, ice, heat, rest.  I’m more impatient with this than I have ever been. I’ve been here before and it’s not fun but I’ve managed. This time around I feel like it is such an inconvenience and it’s making me angry. 

So happier thoughts…..happier thoughts….

I took D to yoga with me on Tues night.  Although it was much more than she was expecting, she liked it. It is a power yoga class – so we work really hard, without any impact. It was nice having her there next to me. I usually see yoga time as “me time” away from my family, but I found that I was very happy having D there with me. D is not athletic and I am perfectly fine with that. She is small for her age. We have taught her and her brother the importance of physical activity whether its in team sports or something you do on your own.  We need it for our physical and mental well being. And I feel my kids need to take care of the mental component especially now that one is in and one is approaching puberty. It becomes even more important. When I asked D if she would go with me again, she said yes.  Love this girl! 

I’m sipping some coffee.  It’s probably too late in the day for me to be drinking coffee, but caffeine is also a muscle relaxant – though a nerve stimulant. 

I’m not breathing.  It hurts to breathe deeply. But I know good breathing can help ease pain.   Ugh!  Pain – just go away already! 

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts……

Life is good. No matter what.  Life. is. good.    


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  1. I like using tiger balm for back pain. It works good for me.

    That is so awesome that you and your daughter are able to bond over yoga.

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