Schools, sleep, and cats

Amy finished moving in today. Cairo stopped yowling. 

When I went into the bathroom this morning, though, I found a pair of wide open icy blue eyes staring at me. 

That cat was sitting on the toilet.

While I brushed my teeth and combed my hair, the black beast jumped on the sink, reached down, and flushed.

Cairo flushed the toilet.

I stared at the cat, wondering as to what went on in that thing’s head. It was now no problem for me to predict what Peeve would do next, how he would do it, and why. Cairo I could not read.

After a breakfast composed of a toast with butter I went to school, where I fell asleep during algebra, fought an annoying kid, spilled his milk, and scared a teacher. The last one wasn’t on purpose. As for the rest, you can safely assume I meant to do.

To eat down the angry feeling of being disliked by people, I bought myself some plain chocolate. I love chocolate. It’s one of those rays of sunshine in this grey world.

Now I’m eating some more of it while writing this. I have nothing more to say right now. Till later.


Thanks for wasting your time on this,

5 thoughts on “Schools, sleep, and cats”

  1. i love chocolate too!! Peeve is your pet snake right? Snakes are awesome!!
    I hope your day gets better! :<

  2. Yeah, Peeve is my pet. It’s getting a bit better, because I’m re-watching my favorite TV show and it’s absolutely hysterical.

  3. @Flitch, oh good!! i hope you have a good time! <33

  4. Man, I want a cat that flushes the toilet. How fucking badass would that be.

    When in doubt, eat chocolate. Or, in the words of Remus Lupin, “Eat. It’ll make you feel better.”

  5. @PrettyInBlack
    Amy said she trained him to do it. I have no idea how.

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