January 30, 2017


I miss you so much that I can’t shut my eyes. For when I do my mind is clouded by grey skies. I was going to make this poem rhyme, but fuck it I don’t have the time. I just wanted to tell you of my hopeless disease, insomnia, it brings me to my knees. I stay up all night thinking of you, I know that my wishes will never come true. For I wish to kiss your lips once again and stare into those blue eyes till the end. The thought of me doesn’t kill you anymore, and that is why I have come to feel so poor. When you were mine I had all the riches of the world but now I’ve lost you. I guess I’ve made this poem rhyme, because you make the words flow out of my heart beat in time. I miss you more and more everyday and my eyes will not shut until I’ve looked into yours once more. I guess this means I’ll never sleep, no more.

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