Crazy busy Monday

Woke up tired cause I went sleep late last night after watching a Korean horror movie right before I go to sleep. Not a good idea. I’m not going to do that again. No gym today and I feel very guilty about not going to gym for a week. Feel like just don’t get much motivation on work out lately. Yes, I need something.

Skated to work and had a super busy day working on bunch of different projects. I ended up getting more projects cause our offside team is out for a week for the Chinese new year. I had to work till 7:30 non stop and still have more to go for the rest of the week. The funny thing is I tend to get more projects when I’m super busy. All the other projects that are being hold all started to move again today and now I have to be in the bunch of meeting to get them going. It’s definitely nice to being busy but why everything at one time? Well, I will handle all that. Love challenge myself 😉

Back home around 9 PM after having dinner with Nikita, Anton, and Caesar at the whole food. Had to do some work after taking a shower but I got some time to set up my very first static page on AWS S3. It was super easy then I was expecting. Feel good to be learning something and moving forward with my project. 11:43 PM now and I’m so ready to sleep now. Goodnight all.

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