The horror of youth

While sipping my steaming cup of coffee this morning and catching up on local news events, I came across a story that made my blood turn cold. 

The article was about an incident that happened at Deedee’s school this morning. The details were murky. “A fight broke out in the gymnasium” was the description in a statement issued by the school district. Unfortunately, what really took place is far worse than that.

Videos taken by students who were assembled in the gym reveal a darker picture. A girl with a large kitchen knife tromped down the bleachers and chased 2 girls around the room. The girls, terrified, ran, and ran. They tried to run to an adult who barely seems to even notice what was going on. He body slammed the girl with the knife to the floor, but the girl who was being chased got cut in the tumble. It looked like the attacker was aiming for her throat, but only got her shoulder as she was being tackled by the intervening adult.

Hours AFTER this occured, Hours after I saw this on the news, I finally got a call from the school down playing the incident.

As a parent, I am furious. Earlier in the year a kid brought a gun to school. Also a girl being bullied commited suicide. Last year a boy was murdered by a classmate & 2 of her cohorts. Now this. Gossip among parents is that the girl wielding the knife was being bullied.

We NEED to do better. How can children possibly learn in this chaotic environment? The school needs to improve security and we, as parents NEED to be involved with our children. Talk to them. Understand them.

I picked up Deedee as soon as I could. With a heavy heart I learned that the kids assembled in the gym were all 9th graders. My child witnessed with her own eyes some one attempting to stab and a kill another person. My daughter saw this in the place she goes to go to every day. A place we expect to keep her safe.

So… the question is… how fast can we get her out of this school?

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