Valentine’s day

I really think that VD is a weird holiday. I mean, I know it’s a holiday about love and stuff, but the problem is, it’s mainly about romantic love, not love in general. 

Everyone – or almost everyone – at my school has a boyfriend/girlfriend, and, since I’m an ace, I feel weirdly left out. I guess that Mags is going to be my Valentine. And, guess what? Hopefully, we have a lesson today, so I’m going to dye my hair white and take pictures with her. I love that idea, and I’m soooooo excited!



I dyed my hair bright cherry red this morning, too. I mean, it’s just a streak in front – not going to say bangs, because I don’t have them. So I’m still sitting at school with conditioner-dye in my hair, waiting until the lunch period to go and wash the conditioner off so that I only have the dye. But I remember the last time when I dyed my hair – my father yelled at me for that.

I just hope it works out this time!

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