I love the show. I just can’t stand G’win. I never liked her from the beginning when she played Asa against Little Foster. Then Marries Big Foster when she suppose to hate him but then poisons him and now let’s him back in? Now she does this to Hasil? I think she’s one beer short a six pack. I can’t stand Big Foster neither.  I don’t trust him. I feel bad for Little Foster.  He’s doing time for a murder his father did and nobody is looking for him? G’win hasn’t even mentioned him. I loved Asa. Asa was my favorite and I think they killed him off too soon. I don’t have too many favorites in the show. What’s with these Kinna women? The show up out of know where. Last night might of gave us a clue. They come short of food. A few kinna kill two men. Cannibals? Now we know where there men are? It’s getting interesting. I just hope they don’t turn things around and make it fail like some shows I’ve watched.

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