Day 16 – 30 Days of Discipline

I don’t really remember today. Except I was so tired. I went for a really nice walk in the afternoon but made some poor road choices and my shoes were soaked and myfeet were freezing when I got home. At 7:00pm I wrapped in two blankets and laid on Jim’s lap for a quick rest before yoga….and woke up at 9:00pm! Slept right through yoga, and Jim somehow getting up and going to the cave. He said there was a drool spot on his leg when he got up (such a classy lady).

You know what it feels like when you wake up like that? Everything is out of focus and off balance. I wasn’t sure what time it was, what day it was, I was just kinda 😋. By the time I had things sorted out in my brain it kinda felt like time to actually go to bed. So I am….goodnight beautiful 😴

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