Work from home Thursday

Got up on time but felt little bit more tired than usual. I ended up working from home today. I got out about 10 mins later than usual but started to work on the projects at least hour before than I usually do in the office. I just walked to the Starbucks next door at 10 AM and worked there till almost 4 PM just went to the restroom once then working straight. Got so much done than working at the office. It feels like very effective at least today. I was focused much more than usual at the office too. Glad I got this time today to get things done. Left the Starbucks around 4, then stopped by at the Ralphs at 3rd and La Brea. Got wings for late lunch then back to home starting to working again while I was having the wings. Ended up working till little over 6 PM then took a very short break.

Got back to the computer and started to working on Autosave feature for this site. I started coding around 7 PM till now 11:53 PM. Actually, I got a lot done! Autosaving feature is actually working but need to be tested more to go on production. Still not sure if it’s going to be okay when people start using it. Maybe this weekend is the good time to spend time on this. Seems like a lot to clean up too in the code. Feel tired for coding too much today. Gotta go to sleep for tmw. Goodnight all.

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