Feb. 20, 2017 – A Day at a Time

A Day at a Time
Monday, Feb. 20, 2017
Reflection for the Day
We are often told in The Program that “more will be revealed.” As we are restored to health and become increasingly able to live comfortably in the real world without using chemicals, we begin to see many things in a new light. Many of us have come to realize, for example, that our arch-enemy – anger – comes disguised in many shapes and colors: intolerance, contempt, snobbishness, rigidity, tension, sarcasm, distrust, anxiety, envy, hatred, cynicism, discontent, self-pity, malice, suspicion, jealousy.

Do I let my feelings get the best of me?

Today I Pray
May I recognize that my anger, like a dancer at a masquerade, wears many forms and many faces. May I strip off its several masks and know it for what it is.

Today I Will Remember
Anger wears a thousand masks.

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