Long gone

Hey everybody!

I just noticed that I had been absent for quite a while. 

Not much had happened. Well, maybe except for the fact that I spent another 100 pounds on Chili. She’s doing pretty well, too. I mean, the landlord isn’t exactly jumping happily at the thought of coming in for a monthly check to see a snake, two cats and me, but whatever. If he tries to kick Chili out, then I will make sure he pays for it.

He’s a mean old poop, that landlord. He grumbles every time I start blasting rock. What does he care? I mean, he doesn’t even live here. He lives in some huge house somewhere over there. And besides, rock is amazing. I fancy the two American rock bands; Skillet and Red. I mean, Red is more of a screaming-hard rock type, but they still have some lovely songs. Whenever I felt angry, I started blasting rock. It made me feel a bit better.

For example, yesterday my stepfather called. He was really rude and said that I should get a job or else I’m going to starve to death. I replied that I have a small income walking dogs in the mornings, and that I’m certainly not going to starve to death. He said I’m a hater and that I’m unable to love because I chose to be an asexual who hates everybody. He said that I denied who I really am (apparently, he thinks I’m a transgender boy) and that I shall be punished for it. I said I didn’t deny anything to either myself or anybody else, and that there’s no logical reason for me to be punished for nothing. He replied that I’m already rotten and hopeless, and that my stepmother disappeared because of me. I got really angry and started cussing in the Klingon language, and then hung up.


Amy asked me what’s wrong, and I replied; “EVERYTHING!”



And then I remembered that rock exists.

So I turned it nearly all the way up and my anger slowly started melting away.

As soon as I turned the music on, the landlord came in. He looked around and started grumbling about the loud music and that soon there’s going to be a cat shelter. He pushed Chinchilla with his foot and said I should turn the music down. I merely imitated a rock musician. “If We Only” was on, and I turned it even higher. The landlord seemed to understand my hint and left. Amy asked if we were gonna get kicked out for this, but I said that as long as we pay rent, it’s going to be fine.

Then, some time later, “Die For You” came on. And then it happened.

So there’s this one line and it says “I love you”. And I was sitting on the floor and looked at Amy because I was judging her new haircut. And then suddenly Red screams “I LOVE YOU!”

I fall back, embarrassed.

Amy laughed.

I cried.

Cairo and Chinchilla were confused up to their ears.

Peeve finished up his mouse.


Yep. Yesterday was fun.

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  1. oh flitcch! imm sorry that hpapened to you, ddont listen to your stepdad! youtre very smaert and capable
    i hipe tbhings are okay there!

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