Wednesday March 1st

Yesterday was interesting, I suppose. I missed school so I could go to Brooklyn to turn in an I-9 and try to get some answers about my certification. I am back at school in Harlem today. I think they are worried I’m about to quit. The funny thing is, they think I’m about to quit because of the student behavior. That’s not really the reason at all. 

I went to Macy’s after I finished in Brooklyn. I wanted to buy these overalls that Mindy wore on the first episode of the latest season, but when I tried them on, they looked terrible. I am way too fat. I didn’t get them. I came home after that and applied for the transcripts that I need for DOE, and sent an email to the state asking for my certification application be changed from professional to initial. I also sent an email to someone I know at FCPS, asking her to get that form completed for me and send it back to be. I haven’t heard from her, though. 

Slightly later that same day…

So I got called into the principal’s office during my plan. Ugh. Apparently the whole school was abuzz about my absence yesterday. The kids had asked the principal if I had quit, my “team mates” indicated to the principal that I “wasn’t making a smooth transition”. Lovely. The assistant principal was in the meeting too, so I couldn’t really say anything. She is part of the problem. She does things like say, “I will get you everything you need for Monday morning,” then I get to school and I have nothing she promised AND she’s not even at school. I have told them over and over I don’t have keys to my desk or the cabinets in my room. She acted like she didn’t know I hadn’t gotten my keys. None of the people ever get me what they say they will, and then in front of the principal, they act all innocent like it’s the first they’ve ever heard of it. This place is fucked up. I have to go ask for the stuff I need- like paper and glue, and the people I ask say they will bring it to me, and then they never do. They all act innocent in front of the principal. If this school year started with 3 science teachers and all 3 have quit, how can he not see that there is a problem here? He kind of pissed me off a little – I said that by the 8th grade these kids should be able to sit in a chair and not talk when I talk- he acted like I should have to teach them that. Really??? No, their kindergarten teacher should have taught them that. Does he honestly think kids should start fresh each year and teachers should have no expectations that the kids will know the basics of how school works. It makes me want to argue with him, but there’s really no point. I am still upset about what happened with the “site visit” charade not to mention when I started, they tried to dump a full time and 1/2 of another job on me.  And the assistant principal straight up lied about it- lied and says everyone teaches 6 classes, lied and said the ones that don’t have other responsibilities, just lied. She has promised me she would get me stuff, promised me she would be in my classroom to help with behavior, promised with zero follow through. I can’t just say that to the principal and keep coming to work here. When I got called up there, I thought I might be quitting today, depending on what he said to me in that meeting. I was blindsided by that meeting. 

The ap is a lot of the problem. Once she took my computer without telling me she had taken it, so I had to go searching for it, and then Monday with my scissors- she fucking took my scissors without telling me, and I even sent out a message to the whole school asking if anyone knew where they were. I didn’t know she had taken them until I was in that meeting with them this morning. She said she thought they were sharp and dangerous and should be locked up around children- what the fuck??? They’re 8th graders and they can’t be around scissors??? She acts like their 4 year olds. So stupid. 

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