Thursday March 2nd

Yesterday my morning classes went well. Today they went well. However, the afternoon classes are sure to be a shit show. I feel like I need to talk to someone about what happened here yesterday. Me, getting called into the office and brow beaten.  I don’t understand his thinking. He was hostile toward me. And then he had one of his girls bring me those school supplies in the afternoon. Ugh. It’s not like I haven’t fucking asked for that stuff for over a goddam month, then they treat me like I’m a child that’s pouting over not getting something that they even knew I wanted. What the fuck. I even sent that email to him asking if those supplies could be ordered WEEKS ago. Then he sends that bitch to Staples and pays way more for them just because he didn’t do what I asked in the first place. He didn’t even make eye contact with me this morning. 

I don’t know that I will do anything other than just quit. I’m not sure what the adult response to this situation would be. I don’t know what to do. I guess I will just quit the chicken way and send an email of resignation. I sent an email to someone that I think might be the person who had my job before me. The person has the same name and is teaching in Jersey. I guess I’ll find out if she emails me back. I would love to her what her experience was here.

I only have to get through one more day this week – 2 more sets of afternoon classes, thought. Ugh. They are so horrible. It is the longest 90 minutes of my life. 

Later that same day…

So the principal came into my room after school today and had a come to Jesus with my class. He’s already done that once. It is a terrible life I’m living right now, the hours of dread until 9th and 10th periods. I have all that free time in the middle to dread it. There is no way I could have survived a whole school year like that. Those kids are idiots. I have never in my life seen 8th grade kids act like that- so immature- running around the room, throwing things at each other. It’s girls, too. I have never in 21 years had girls throw things, chase each other, put their hands on each other when they were this old. Never. I don’t even think I’ve ever had a 6th grade girl throw things. I’m just not going to do this. I’m only getting attention from the principal now because he’s afraid I’m going to quit. Where was the support or questions about how I’m doing the past fucking month? I was trying to figure out if I had enough money to live on until September! With no hope of a teaching job until then.

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