Hi, I’m Lily.

Hi everyone. 

I’m Lily, I’m new to Goodnight Journal, but I wanted to start off by explaining why I wanted to keep a journal online, both for myself and for readers. One of the points is because maybe somewhere along the journal entries, I may be helping others as well as myself, if that makes sense. I tried keeping a journal on MS Word, but it was too simple just to avoid, as it was for my eyes only rather than everyone reading. The reason I called my journal Lily Lake is because my name is Lily Lake, but also it kind of works because this online journal can be my lake, swimming in lots of ideas and all the things that you get in lakes – not in the sense of algae, but more for the refined detail; the sun reflecting on the lakes surface, the feeling like you are floating but also on the contrast that you are drowning. Drowning or floating in emotion, turmoil or happiness.

I don’t know why my parents called me Lily, I think they just liked the flowers and wanted a floral name. I have never really asked the question, so maybe that could be a journal post? Another point for keeping this journal, is to release my thoughts, rants, happiness, anger and use writing as a form of therapy, to help me progress and move on. It is also to help me look back on things in the future. Maybe in ten years time I could look back on a post and think “hmm…I was so upset at the time, but in all honesty, it doesn’t matter to me now.”

So, for now I guess, I hope you enjoy this journal and that we can connect on here, to help each other out and make friends. 

Love Lily x

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