I’m not completely sure why Im starting this. Im not even sure how long I’m going to keep this up but I think maybe if I write down some things somehow it’ll make me feel better? Idk. I remember when I was a kid I heard that if you write a letter to someone you’re mad at it relieves some anger, Idid fhat once and I remember it kinda helped. Maybe this can help me like that helped me. 

I think maybe Im too aware of myself. Nowadays I think Im in a place in my life where I know Im fucking up but Im not doing anything about it.I know I should be studying more but I just don’t have the drive for it nowadays. Sometimes I feel like I should’ve just went to the military after high school. Them niggas seem like they living the life. They’re healthy and fit and making good money and get to travel, them niggas buying cars and shit. They dont have to worry about their GPA or loans or any of that shit. I hate the fact Im so lazy, i fucking HATE it. Damn, I wanna be successful and when I actually put time in and study I still don’t get my desired results. Shit is fucking frustrating. I gotta go study for A&P now smh. ✌.

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  1. Damn, I know what you’re saying I feel the same way Most of the time. I was also at a military academy, I left early It wasn’t for me, but I kinda wish I would stayed. And Yeah definitely keep up your writing it might help you a lot. It gives you a way to channel your thoughts. And I’m looking forward to reading more from you, It really flowed for me to read what you wrote and that’s rare with me. Good Luck love!!

  2. welcome. military discipline is great but its not the only way. i took martial arts and my sensai did a good job with me and classes werent to expensive. as for the anger relief writing, maybe, try a short fiction series where you name a character after the person whos bugging you. You can make all kinds of fantastical things happen to them. If youre really upset with them, well, think Kenny from south park.

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