It’s 6: 20 PM here, and it’s beautiful outside.

I was sweating while I walked home, and I’ve definitely grown a few shades tanner because of the constant exposure to the sun, but the late afternoons in Texas are really gorgeous at this time of the year.

It’s that kind of brightness that makes you nostalgic (in a good way) for happier days and better memories. The way the light is soaking into the trees makes me think about old school days before summer break when I would walk home and feel absolutely happy for no reason, just like I did today.

Today I didn’t get to school until a little after one, and all four of my thirty-minute classes were pretty chill. I had a mostly good time today. I’ll probably have an emotional breakdown every day for the next three days because of stress, but right now, everything seems right.


Paramore’s “Franklin” is the rawest, most nostalgic emo song. It brings back all the feels. If you’re ever feeling really happy and content, then listen to Franklin, because it’ll make you want to cry. Hayley’s voice was so emo when she was a teenager; it’s deepened now that she’s an adult, and it’s still beautiful, but I really appreciate how genuine and raw and young it sounded when the band made All We Know is Falling.

“Franklin” is an emo masterpiece of pure homesickness. I know it so well.

“Throwing Punches” is also insanely underrated. I don’t think it was ever officially released; it might have been a b-side. It’s on YouTube, anyway, and it’s beautiful. It has exactly the kind of mellow emo sound that I want to hear.

“Last Hope” is beautiful, too. It makes me feel insanely hopeful.

Paramore is just great, okay? I will fight you if you disagree. I’m just kidding–kind of. Actually, I’m really not. They’re amazing. I want Paramore to be played at my funeral.


I’m really tired.


I have a lot of things to finish. Why am I procrastinating here? Writing is a terrible, terrible way to procrastinate because doing it creates the illusion of business and productivity, which makes you procrastinate longer.

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