I Took A Pregnancy Test

So, the title explains it all. However, I wanted to go into more detail surrounding it. So here it goes, my boyfriend and I got it on, it was great and all, however I said for him to get the condoms in which he did not. Thus came the week when my period was meant to start. Whilst being on the pill can sometimes delay my period by a day or two, I had reached three days with nothing, and in true Lily fashion – I panicked. 

My mind started racing to all the things it could be – mostly which all pointed back to pregnancy. He of all people knows where I stand on having children and that is that I do not want them at all. Not now, not ever – but he is one of those guys that is a family man. I have always known that about him, from day one. We have been together almost four years now, which is crazy. But do not get me wrong, I love him, I really do. But I do not see myself as a mother – not now, not in the future when we have our own place.

So anyway, back to panicking, three days with no bleed at all, I went to Boots, and bought a two pack high end brand that could indicate weeks if I ended up pregnant. First of all, why are they so expensive? A two pack cost me £11! That is daylight robbery. Secondly, I think because my mind was in overdrive about it, I could not pee on a stick to save my life. It took me twice to get it right and then came the anxious waiting. I applaude those women who are trying for a baby and constantly try them. But I suppose with practise it would come with ease.

But the result, after constantly pacing around the bathroom waiting for those few minutes to be up, I am not pregnant, HURRAH! Panic over. But my boyfriend (I think) understands what would have happened if I did end up pregnant.

For now, until next time,

Love Lily x


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