The Earth is flat

One day I was surfing the internet and came across a video. The video was interesting, it was about NASA. I liked it. But then I read comments below. One guy said about another video where they say that the Earth is flat. And I watched it. Oh my god, what was that. Somebody tried to prove his thought about flatness of the Earth. The most terrifying thing is that a lot of people believe in that. Really a lot. How stupid it is. I hate stupid people. Hate people which don’t want to learn something new, don’t want to improve themselves just a little. I am glad to know that there is still smart people. It is the only thing that make me feel good about it.

3 thoughts on “The Earth is flat”

  1. A lot of people still believe that the moon doesn’t exist or that dinosaurs were never real. The world will always be full of ignorance, some things will never change sadly

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