Day 417 – Homework and games

Monday, April 17th 2017

Today was a bit more productive.

I woke up much later then intended, 10:30 ish. I kept waking up at 8am the past three days, so that was surprising.

I went on the server to do a quick check, then did some homework. I finished Lord of the Flies; Jack just makes me incredibly mad, to the point I wanted to scream at the book, and the last chapter was incredibly stressful. It was really slow for 3/4 of the book, but the rest is very good. But since it was pretty realistic and focused on psychology, I appreciate the whole book more.

I answered to WindSailor’s email then did a little bit of research to find a quick and simple forum code that I can just copy and paste, since I don’t have enough time to write it from scratch for my project. Luckily I did, but I can’t test it yet since my teacher still didn’t set up the website…

I then worked on a poster in Minecraft before eating the leftovers from yesterday for supper and playing on a Drawful stream. We had randoms just use swear words and draw inappropriate things and we couldn’t do anything about it, ugh.

I’m gonna go finish the poster so people are capable of buying it overnight in the game’s shop and then I’ll watch some Doctor Who or Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

5 thoughts on “Day 417 – Homework and games”

  1. Thanks for the comment. Heck yes I will keep on making videos, trying for at least one a day, more if possible. You know I have 9 subscribers now?! (maybe the latest one is you?)

    Channel is growing pretty organically! 🙂

  2. And you didn’t have school or anything today either? 😮

  3. Also I accidentally deleted your comment by clicking on “Mark for moderation” :\
    I thought it was a cool button that would give me moderator privilege, but it just ‘reported’ your comment to O and basically deleted it

    Anyway, responding to your comment saying ‘your video editing skills have improved’, well, I can actually pretty much do anything already, it’s just that it takes a while to do things sometimes. You have to work frame by frame and that can be really time consuming. But I can already pretty much edit and do anything I want to in a video, it just takes a bit of time to do more difficult things

  4. And 130-140 for my height and gender is perfect on the BMI charts. 150 is good too, but the lower your weight the higher your vo2 max. Typing requires a lot of oxygen in the brain and blood cells in order to think rapidly and for the electrical nerve fibers in the fingers to move like lightning. If I’m going to be heavy then I’ll be limiting my performance on the keyboard.

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