Day Before Surgery….

It is a dark gray rainy day here.

I still have my constant companion, pain.

Yesterday I went to the hospital  to do the pre-admission testing in preparation for surgery tomorrow.

Hopefully not to much info here, but I am a rather hairy fellow, and when they were getting ready to do my EKG they shaved my chest! Not little areas for the pick ups to stick, they shaved the whole thing!

But at least the EKG showed no issues! So I am cleared to have surgery tomorrow!

I was told I may have to spend the night in the hospital, I really don’t care as long as my surgery is done and this pain and agony is gone from my life.

Today I had hopes of at least going outside and idling my Indian, maybe even go a little ride as Lord only knows when I will cleared to ride again, but the rain seems to have nixed that idea.

I should use today to finish a model I have started, a Horton Go 229. 

I also need to set up the new blue tooth printer and print out some documents for the short term disability.

Lots of stuff to do.

Need to write out a will just in case I forget to wake up after surgery, morbid thought I know, but I want to make sure a few things are taken care of and passed along to my son and grandson. I have a pair of pistols I want them to have. They are my 1911 .45acp pistols, one is a Commander Model, the other a Government Model, both Mil-Spec, with parkerized finish, military sights, and U.S. grips. They look like what the Military use to carry. These are my carry weapons, and both my son and grandson have fired them and like them.

Enough for now, lets go have some breakfast!

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