Days at sea

Day One:

I was deployed upon the HMS Lion by the British Navy. Who am I? I am Jerry, I’m a 340mm cannon with a range of over 24,000 meters. When we, I mean by my seven other 340mm guns aboard the ship, set off on this journey I didn’t expect a lot of action, and there isn’t much right now, but I wouldn’t let my guard down, those German U-boats can pop out of anywhere. Oh look a seagull! Seagulls are very pretty, it’s fun to try and shoot them down.

Day Two:

The seagull actually turned out to be a plane! An amphibious plane at that! I’ve never seen a plane that is able to land on the water! I guess the saying goes “You learn something new every day”

Hey it’s Phil, Jerry’s partner. I was pretty surprised as well when I saw the thing land on the water, thought the thing was gonna crash! I was like “What are you insane?!” then when it floated I was like “Dude, were did you get them Floats yo?” Anyway, today has been an odd day, I’m gonna go fly like an airplane now, cha’.

Day Three:

I think I saw a German U-boat today, I’m not sure. Being out on the ocean for awhile can make you start to see things. Like yesterday Phil said he saw a mermaid, can you believe that?! Anyway, nothing much happened today, I highly doubt we’ll find any Germans out here anyway.

Day Four:

I saw one, oh my God I saw one! I know I said earlier that being out on the ocean can make you see things but Phil and everyone else looked with me! It was a German fleet! wasn’t a very big one but it was still a fleet! We’re hot in pursuit and Will catch up to them very soon! I don’t know if I will make it back or not, wish me luck!

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