sometimes I feel like my life is distinctly lacking in friends that are like me. I have some good people around me but they’re very different; that’s fine but they’re not into some of the things I’d like to do. For example, Francy dress parties, who doesn’t like a fancy dress party? Now I know there are worse things in the world but this is my journal and it’s pretty low-key. It’s not like I’m broadcasting on the world service ha ha I suppose I’d just like to get into my old age, with old friends, and talk about all the amazing and funny things we did. There doesn’t seem to be many unique times I’ve shared with people. It’s just a thought…. 


Making stuff, I also love to make things. I love my glue gun, beads, glitter; Pinterest is great. I find making things so relaxing and satisfying yet can I find one person that likes to do the same!? Friends say “I can’t be bothered” or “I’m not as creative as you” bollocks! They just can’t be arsed. Everything seems too much trouble for most people these days! I just don’t understand them, it makes me feel like I’m the odd one when in my brain it seems perfectly normal. Who’s to judge? Either way, I’ve been looking online for craft days in my local area, maybe there will be like minded people there for me to converse with and I’ll learn some new skills to-boot. I sound like an 88 year old woman when in reality I’m 35. And just for the record, I’ve always been this way. 

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  1. I like crafting too. I struggle with ideas to get started on. The latest is a group of small decotrative Christmas trees made of garland. I have to go work but I wish you a good day!

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