Tuesday, April 25th, 2017. Home at desk

Yesterday I rode my e-bike to Immmigration court. Masters with NJP, morning only. Found out my direct deposit didn’t make it into new account. Went to old bank. They said it go rejected. Commence freak out.  Had quick lunch at Eat Fit Go and then rode bike home to get car because the wind was probably 30mph. It was stopping me from forward momentum.

Drove to UNO and met up with Kelly. We recorded everything we need for NAJIT conference. Then I went to Elisabeth’s to finish planning our trip. We spent HOURS chosing an airbnb in Ensenada. I left there and went back to NP Dodge to try to find my morel spot from last year. No luck. Had a quick dinner at Tussey’s and then drove to the studio for belly dance practice with Sara and Liz. That was a blast.  Came home and took Derecho Laboral final and then passed out. 

I had a dream last night that I was in Brent’s office telling him what I had done in a recent performance in which I had played the emcee as a character. A jester-like character.  And in the dream I also told him about the dream that I really had two nights ago, in which I was a live-in maid at his house.  As in, he was too much of a coward to ask me to move in as his girlfriend so offered me a job as his live-in housekeeper so he wouldn’t have to admit to himself that I was live-in partner.  And I was angry about it. I was cleaning his house and thinking “this pussy-ass mother fucker.”  And in last night’s dream after I told him about the dream, he said, “Are you going to be there for me as I go through this?”  Meaning, ending his marriage.  Hey, subconscious brain:  it’s not going to happen! Figure it out already!

Today I went through our text messages from November to see what was so fucking compelling.  I feel like I shouldn’ta done that. 

Had court this morning, 2 inidividuals with JLA. Neither went forward.  Just came home to type up the complete itinerary of my trip this weekend and now am off to have lunch at El Rancho with Kelly, Ally and possibly others. 

Still waiting to see what Mohammad says about fixing my direct deposit. Trying really hard not to freak out.

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