Memories are a funny thing. Anything can trigger one. 

A month ago, I went to the movie theatre where we watched our first and only movie. The one in the middle of nowhere. That movie wasn’t that good.. but I had fun being with you. I remember I was trying to cheer you up after you almost got fired from work the day before. You tried to venmo me for your ticket but I insisted that it was okay.. it was half off anyways on Tuesdays.

Anytime I go to a Starbucks with a friend, I remember the way you say “coffee” in that weird Jersey accent. Sometimes I catch myself saying it the way you used to. 

When I lay in bed before going to sleep, I remember the way you would offer up your arm as my pillow. You’d always kiss my head a few times before talking about your day. I hated cuddling because both exuded heat at night. But I was always warm. Sometimes I wake up feeling cold and wish I could feel you next to me. 

I’ve always had good memory. It’s a blessing and a curse… I had a lot of doubts about you and there were definitely bad memories too. But my good memory is slowly erasing the bad times I had with you.

Now its the good memories that drive me crazy.

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