Day 430 – Drawing and birthday gift

Sunday, April 30th 2017

I had such an awesome, detailed and slightly elaborate dream. It’s perfect for animating and I can’t wait until I do. I can imagine the mood and tone of it already.

I woke up much later, so I didn’t go to church. I watched a video my dad sent me and read a bit of the Bible instead. Then I played some Shadwen, Rocket League, and continued drawing for the Google contest. It looks good so far. Don’t think I’ll win, but worth the try.

I got some pretty exciting news from my parents. They took my suggestion, and my birthday gift is… A PHOTO OP WITH JENNA COLEMAN AND PETER CAPALDI. I’m going in two weeks and my mom is trying to find a better Doctor Who shirt than I have (looks old and stretched out to her apparently, I think it still looks fine) so that I look my best in the picture. I just can’t wait. I’m so excited yet nervous. I’ll be like that girl in season 9 episode 4 where she acts cool and normal, but then when their back is turned, fangirls over them.

I continued drawing for the majority, ate, then played Rocket League with the owners before watching two Doctor Who episodes. My mom told me to take a good look at the Doctor and Clara, cause I’ll be meeting them.

Random, but I was putting some habanero dip in my lunchbox and afterwards, saw there was some left on my spoon that I couldn’t get off. I didn’t want to waste cleaning another spoon by using one to scrape it off, so I decided that I would lick it. I knew I’d probably regret it, but I love spicy stuff, and thought I could handle it. It hit me immediately and I whispered/yelled “MISTAKES HAVE BEEN MADE” and got a glass of milk. As I was getting the milk, I thought that I could just pull through it, since yes, it was burning a lot, but I didn’t really mind. However, it was making me nauseous, so I drank the milk. I felt slightly nauseous afterwards for fifteen or so minutes. Told this to my dad and he laughed, then said at least I know not to do it again. I mean, I would… Kinda wanna try it tomorrow at lunch tomorrow to prove myself that I can handle it, haha. Just gonna regret it a bit with the nausea after though.

Apparently another played was promoted to JrMod on the server. That’s two recently. Glad to see some new people on board. We need it.

That’s all for today.

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