3 days straight

today i went to two classes, i was suppose to have 3 classes but instead 1 got cancelled. after the first class i came back to my dorm and cried. i dont know why, im just so scared and nervous and stressed out. who knew graduation was going to affect me in this way? everyone else is excited and looking forward to it. im simply thinking how i have no idea what the future holds for me. then i went to my second class and now im back. im so fucking tired. i could sleep for 3 days straight. 

as soon as i returned to my room i turned my phone off and fell asleep for 3 hours. 🙁 i haven’t eaten anything all day because nothing seems appealing right now. i think im just going to go shower, have a chocolate brownie, milk, and go to sleep. call it a day and get some rest. its not my body that hurts, its my mind. 

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