No love lost

Her skin is what I thought clouds felt like
Her hair flowed like dandelions in the wind
Her smile was as bright as the sun
When she was around, I couldn’t breathe
When she asked me questions, I couldn’t think
When she locked eyes with mine, I couldn’t look away
She said I was sweet
She said I was honest
But clouds are not soft
And Dandelions are not flowers
When you stare at the sun, you go blind
I guess that’s why love is blind
Because now when she’s around, I hold my breathe in fear that I’ll say something stupid
Now, she asks me questions I don’t have answers to… “do you love me”? I don’t know
I can’t look at her anymore, because when I do, I see nothing but an existential blank stare, I don’t have the answers she’s looking for
I am now bitter
I am now labeled a liar
I wish love was blind, because if it were, I would never have hurt her
Lying only benefits the liar
And writing a poem only benefits the poet
Just like love only benefits the lover
But to her I am nothing but a fake
And to me, she is nothing but a waste of time
I loved her once, love got me nowhere but a stage telling strangers that what I once had was beautiful and that now I blackened the red beating heart
I turned her cloud-like skin into a hurricane
I made her dandelion hair wet with anguish
And I turned down the brightness of her stunning smile
I took a deep breathe and stared her in the eyes all the while swelling them with tears as I became hatred and deceit
Love is blind, because if it could see, she would’ve never been with me.

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