happy girls!

Prom is going to start in a few hours! I’m really happy about it even though I’m not even going; I just have friends who are, and they’re really excited.

My sophomore friend K (who I met first semester at a GSA meeting) said she wasn’t going to go the first time I asked her, but yesterday she came up to me in the hallway and showed me a picture of herself in a new dress! It’s dark blue and off-the-shoulder and she told me that she spent $50 on a new bra to match, and I was like, “That’s great!” (because I thought that was really cute) and she made this face and was like, “No, that’s EXPENSIVE!” She’s going with a junior friend of hers (they’re not dating though–K had a girlfriend a while ago but they broke up, so now she’s looking for someone else, although not the girl she’s going to prom with)(yes she’s gay, fight me if you don’t approve).

Then my friend H is going with our friend R. They’re not dating, either; H just really wanted someone she could trust as a friend to go with her to prom. (They’d be really cute if they were dating though… but that’s just my nosy opinion!) And her dress arrived on Thursday; it’s dark blue. R has also rented a tux/suit/whatever. H was the one who asked R, so at one point R asked if she would still like him to buy her a corsage, and she laughed and said no.

My other friend N is also going with her friends. Apparently she bought a new dress, since she doesn’t have any that fit really well… she has one but it’s too “party-like”. Lol.

Then my friend D. She’s a sophomore herself, so I don’t think she’s going this year, but her older sister KM is a junior, and she’s going, so D updated her Snapchat story with a picture of KM in a dress; it’s black and pretty and KM is going to wear black gloves with it. She looks so elegant and healthy (they both play tennis; their mom is a tennis coach).

I’m not going this year, but I’m really happy for all the girls who are so excited for it. They’re all so hyped that it’s almost funny.

Then there’s an after-prom bash. They’re all happy for that, too!

I just really love to see girls being happy and having fun. I hope everyone who goes to prom has a wonderful night (and get home safely!)

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  1. Awe I’m sorry you didn’t go to prom! I never went all through high school and I regret not going now, but I was so caught up thinking none of it mattered. Well, it didn’t, but now that I’m older I wish I would have experienced it.
    I’m glad you were happy for your friends though<3

    Also, thank you for your comment on my entry about Blue. I appreciate it<3

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