I find I am missing my elderly friend.  I’ve never had someone just cut me off like that before.  He said he never wanted to hear from me again and he hung up on me.  I remember when my mom was in the hospital he brought a beautiful Peace Lily to her.  I was so touched.  He could be a great friend.  Then his disposition would turn.  But as the beautiful song says, I think it is “Time to say goodbye…”  Anyone know that song by Andrea Bocelli (and others).  I hope I can find peace about this soon.  Please, some of you write a comment to me.  It will help.  Thanks.  Love.

2 thoughts on “Loss”

  1. I am sorry that you have lost your friend. That’s never something easy to deal with, especially when you have known him for so long. But I believe that some things are meant to be (or not meant to be) and people will come and go, and like you said, you are sure to find peace with this soon. Or maybe your relationship will be repaired in the future; who knows? Anyway, I hope you can make peace with this. Have a wonderful rest of the week <3

    And PS, thank you for your nice comment on my journal 🙂

  2. Pretty in Black, thank you for writing a comment, and a wise one that really helps me. I think it is meant to be that the friendship is over. HUGS to you.

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