I found a big tick on the top of my head.It was huge and bright red.There are a few things I wanted to address that he said the other night.One is he has seen a lot of beautiful women and he didnt think about leaving.Two is  I should only worry if I havent heard from him in four days then it means he is locked up or he has moved on.Let me start this off by saying I love him with all my heart and the door is ALWAYS OPEN if he wants to go..I want to be the only woman he desires and the only woman he thinks about.If I am not then I understand.He is the ONLY MAN I want.The ONLY man I dream of and the ONLY man I want to be with and satisfy in everyway a woman can satisfy a man.I pray his love for me stays as strong down the road as it is now.What scares me the most is how much I love him right now and Im going to lose him to someone else.Im not trying to push him away nor am I trying to hurt him in any way.I would give my life to be able to feel him inside of me right now.Ttyl sexy xoxoxo I want his d*** down my throat and his c** in my stomach.Please baby please!!!

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