I wrote him a letter

I couldn’t get the elderly man off my mind.  So I wrote him a letter.  (We had been friends for about 20 years I guess, then he told me never to call him again.)  In the letter I said that I felt he was right, we needed to say goodbye because I cause him so much frustration.  But I didn’t want to say goodbye with bitterness and a phone hang-up.  I wrote about special memories of having dinner with his son and friends at his house; looking at flowers in his garden and making a special trip to see his cherry tree in full bloom.  I thanked him again for a Christmas gift from years ago.  I remembered a day I was resting at his house while Ron visited, and he brought a single gardenia in a waterglass and placed it beside my bed with a smile.  Oh, and I told him how much I loved to hear him laugh and see his blue eyes sparkle when he laughed really hard it was like hissing; it made me laugh too.  I told him I pray for his breathing and ask God to bless him in every way.  Now, that, to me, is a proper goodbye if things can’t work out.  I had waited and given him time to call or something, but the friendship is really over, said, and done.   I can accept that as long as there is peace and fond memories.  Anybody have an opinion about my letter?  I know I run the risk of starting the friendship back up, but I ran it by my hubby and he thought it was just right.  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “I wrote him a letter”

  1. I think that writing a letter is a lovely way to get closure ( for both yourself and your friend) and I think that what you have written in it sounds beautiful x

  2. Hi Butterfly — thank you for the encouragement! I appreciate it so much.

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