My Life and Experience, Chapter 5, memorable summer Dr. Julito tigley

Chapter 5 a memorable summer

It was so very hot at noon time, but the wind that keeps on blowing was so fresh, like it was laden with menthol, that for every breath you take, you can feel the health and vigor of the environment. I was sitting beneath the mango tree, overlooking the beautiful mountain far away. But at my right side bellowed the smoke that came out from the chimney of our old reliable house. Foremost in my mind, was the linat-an(broiled chicken), the remain of the bihag(conquered fighting cock) my father won in the town of Dumanjug. But I am so very glad, because down there in the doorstep I saw an inspiring figure. Eve ( the first lady in Eden) was with Abraham her brother, visiting us believing that I and Inday Freda
had just arrived. I was the only one who arrived. Then, since I was also captivated by my excitement, I went down, to met them. Abe embraced me and Eve held my hand as a greeting. I invited them to go upstair. And I served them the usual chocolate, a home stock in every time of the year. “ how are you doing”. I said. She replied me, that she will be enrolling in the first year. “ good”. Then, we talked again those tales of yesterday. The caimito tree, the old atabay, and guava yards where we usually harvest even without the owner’s affirmation. You know, guavas harvested in the bushes, considered wild, are far sweeter than the farm planted. Maybe because it grew on wild fertilizers dispersed by birds and other night animals. A human could be a contributor, you know, many will just get inside the most shaded place and hide their poo’s. My closed siblings once told a very good story about it. While he was working on a project of EAE in 1963, assigned in the mountain of Argao. He had been sojourned in one of the house there, without “in-house” toilet. So, the crew of the surveying unit just go with him for the whole week stay there. They slept and eat together. He said, that every night it was a picnic. They stayed late at night, winning and dancing sometimes. Community girls will just come in and go with their happenings. The good singers were appreciated so much. But one morning when he wakes up, he felt the discomfort in his stomach, so he runs to the guava bushes, and look for a good place to defecate. Finally, he found a good place, but he has to sit on a branch overlooking his waste falling down to the earth level. But while watching, with his observant eye he glanced a big edible mushroom, that looked like an umbrella for bigger frogs. He was amused. And it came into his mind. “ May gamit nang pesteng lami-a da”(maybe this is food, this is nice). He said to himself. After his rituals, he went down and uprooted it. He wrapped it beautifully with a banana leaf. He was whistling while walking to the house. The inquisitive look of the many was very urging, eager to know what is inside. But what he did, he washed it and put some spices, then, roasted. The smell was very inquiring. ‘Pre, di-in man ka niana nga ka lami sa baho” (Brother, where did you get that delicious, salivating smell”.
Commented by one. He did not reply it, but instead, he picked it up, and when it was fully cooked, he put it on the table. Then, he went inside the washroom for taking a bath. But, one of his crew said: “don’t worry about him, Let us eat it all”. They did not leave any share. After he was done bathing, They met him and joked him, “you are the cook who doesn’t know how to eat”. Where did you get that Mushroom?”. “Just over there”. He replied. Surprisingly, one of them went there also and defecated, and found out that the mushroom in the waste area was not there anymore. “ my gosh!
That was the mushroom ! that was the mushroom!”. And he laughed so loud after it.
Then, when Saturday came, we were already home, all my brothers and sister. Truly, it was like a picnic, eating with the intact family. Talking any kind of jokes, and mostly about what things to do in the afternoon.
Uphill beside the tambis tree, we saw our cousin, nang flora, going down as if she was bringing a news. She had just delivered a baby girl, and inday Freda gave her a hug and some dresses. She also told us that in the evening there will be a beneficio. I am so very happy because that is the lifeblood of the community at that time. She asked them to help prepare the church and the plaza, for the coming Flores de Mayo. I was already big but young, felt some attraction to some of the pre-teen young, just like a puppy emotion. I am so very proud to show my new step on dancing, but my shyness was still there. At three o’ clock, we have seen people from different sitio walking toward the chapel. Many were bringing flowers. But there were also some with fruits. We were sitting at the {next page)

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