Memorial Day

Each day is a day closer we get to the end of my favorite month. It’s usually the month where my luck flips but that wasn’t the case this year. Apparently according to the people around me I am reserved and content with life. How can I not be though when I’m constantly being told to either shut up, sit down, because it is and no. I hate that phrase: because it is. Why does it have to be? Why does anything have to be the way it is. So my thoughts are insatiable but I force myself to be content with the things I feel I cannot change. Sometimes the things in this world can make you insane. My actions go against my thoughts and if I were to ever lose my sanity that would be the reason why. At least that’s my opinion. I think…

One day I’m going to read over my journal entry’s and I’m almost 100% sure this one will make either complete or no sense to me at all.

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