Is it possible to fall back in love with someone?

Like I said in my introduction, I got married very young before I even knew myself.  Now that we’ve matured, my husband and I are totally opposite in our views in politics, parenting, interests in general.  I am totally an animal person and he knew that when he married me, but now I’ve learned that he’s not much of an animal lover.  He doesn’t mistreat them, but he gets very annoyed by them and that has caused numerous fights.  

This weekend my daughter brought home a kitten in hopes that her grandparents (who are also animal lovers and visiting for the weekend) would give it a loving home.  My husband blows a gasket — yelling at her, making her cry and making her take the kitten back to her friend’s home.  My daughter called him a “monster” and I agree sometimes.  

I’m sure there are women who have it worse, and I appreciate that he is a good husband and father the majority of the time, but it just makes for a sad and lonely marriage — the fact that we don’t enjoy anything together.

We have lost a majority of friends because he never wants to socialize and they get tired of inviting us places only to be declined.  

I think we are just co-dependent.  

Is it really possible to fall back in love?  

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