Birthday preparations

I have ordered the above cake for my son’s second birthday and it will be delivered to my house on the day (June 15th) and I’m really excited haha. I ordered it last night and I hope it turns out to be a good idea.

Birthday list

Birthday cake (done)

Candles (done: actually got him RAINBOW candles which have different coloured flames when you light them) 😀

Balloons (done: turns out though I didn’t need any new ones though, never mind)

Glow stick (done: then I read it’s not suitable for children under three years of age, WHY)

Card (done: ordered him a special Twirly Woos card ages ago actually!)

Presents (not done: I got the presents my mum will give him but what on earth do you give a toddler who has most things already and still prefers to play with saucepans and spoons lol)

I need to ask if Catherine & Aneurin are able to come over on the 15th. My aunt is coming from Mexico on June 8th so she’ll be there for Harry’s birthday and also my older sister is coming back here on the weekend of his birthday so on the 16th June. My sister texted my mum this morning to let my mum know she was safe after what happened in London last night…more terrorists attacked. This time they ran a few people over with their van then when it crashed the three men got out and began to stab anyone who got in their way. Seven people died and the three men were shot dead by police within 8 minutes. I knew from the horrid Manchester attack that it would trigger more…my sister works and goes out at night in London with her work colleagues and my mum doesn’t want her to go out at night there anymore…neither do I.

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  1. Harry’s birthday party preparations sound perfect! I love parties at this age when they are toddlers, cake balloons and their pals what more could they ask for? Love the cake too! Terribly sad and scary about London … just horrible watching the news today xx

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