Day 055 – 056, Blessings (part 1)

From now on I have decide to combine sat-sun entries into one.

I have been praying for a thing from last two days, It’s a thing which is bothering me a lot, so I prayed to Allah (God) and after two days I got the answer, I came across to an article which contains detailed answer in it, this incidence leads me to flash back I started thinking about all the things I got in past  although I did hard work for them but at that time hope was little, these things includes good grades in Matric, FSC, admission in Electrical engineering (UET), A+ in final year project, Respect from Elders in neighbour hood and in family, Job in gaming industry although I have done EE, Got my game featured by Microsoft and many more. But in today’s entry I’m going to analysis my last three year (2.5 to be precise, i.e my professional experience)

Remember remember the 5th of November (2014), yeah that was my first day at job, my first 3 weeks were good after that something happened, my senior who was mentoring me at that time said to my CEO that i was not good or not doing good (its my deduction based on facts) after that CEO called me and senior and said what was the issue, I explained a bit then my senior said something and after sometime CEO got furious on me and the meeting was over, I came back to my seat and CEO and senior went outside for further discussion. at that day I left office in anger, at home I did a meeting with my father, mom and elder brother, I said I’m not going office from tomorrow, I was so angry i  did bad mouthing to my mom, my father told me OK don’t go, but first find some other job and then leave this one, anyway i went office next day. 
Things were changed senior was 2x polite to me than before (he is a good guy in general, I had good relationship with him even after all this) I continue working on project and things are normal again, but CEO kept very negative image of mine, he had wasted me on a small project almost for a year, left me burning alone. my days at office were very uncomfortable, I was wasting my time there and became so depressed I saw nothing as my future but darkness. After one year I said i have destroyed my life I have left EE field and entered in gaming industry I don’t belong here.

… to be cotinued

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