Day 465 – Baptism & more birthday celebrations

Sunday, July 4th 2017

Today was fun.

I went to a different church this morning, since my cousin was getting baptised. He did very well, and I’m happy for him! It was funny though, since my aunt’s cousin accidentally called my mom my uncle’s (her brother) mom and he felt so bad haha. My mom didn’t mind though, she thought it was funny herself.

The area where the church is at was very pretty. The houses were all small, the roads fairly small, sidewalks small and there was a river. It felt cozy and at home.

At home I finished my French essay and worked on my mom’s birthday card. We later went to a restaurant for both of our birthdays, though mainly hers. I recieved a lot of expensive topic markers, which I’m really happy about, and my mom recieved her gifts as well. I gave her a solar powered lantern. She wanted a lantern on the table outside and it comes with a hook in case you wanna hang it up by sticking the pole in the ground. She could use it for something else instead, like a plant, as she suggested.

I ate chicken and cake, talked, then at home I just relaxed.

That’s all for today

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