The Last thing that made you laugh:

Journal Prompt:

I have a whole secret pinterest board dedicated to journal prompts. Its always helped me to write and get my feeling of my chest but occasionally I lack direction and would need a good starter topic. I was browsing prompts and found  The Last Thing That Made You Laugh and it stopped me in my tracks. Because I can’t remember. And that blows. I love to laugh…I always have. Things have been so depressing and sucky lately that I can’t even remember the last time I had a good belly laugh. The kind where you can’t breathe and need to hold your side. Where you can’t finish your sentence because you’re laughing so hard. The kind of laugh where you make other people laugh just because you are laughing so hard. The kind of laugh where tears stream out of your eyes and you snort and do all kinds of stupid things because you are having the best time. You don’t realize how much you miss laughing until most of the things that made you laugh aren’t there anymore. You don’t realize how fake your current chuckles are until you think of how amazing genuine laughter feels. Like I said, it just blows. Now, I’m going to drink my epically huge cup of coffee and do paperwork all day. Hooray! 

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