The moment when my family and friends start questioning my cooking ability is the moment, I stop playing dumb. I will not be asked if I’m feeding my man correctly.

Yes I know how to cook 

Yes I give a fuck

Yes I know he looks like a skeleton

No, he doesn’t think he does

No, it is not my fault.  

I refuse to look like an ass, like a dipshit, like I don’t know what really going on. It disgusts me, how you think you have fooled everybody, but each one of those everybodies has asked me what’s wrong with you.

It makes me want to cry, it makes me mad, and it embarrasses me! So they all think I don’t know what’s going on, or I’m just a fucking idiot. Either way, I look dumb!

I don’t know how to act anymore, I don’t want to look like a fucking idiot anymore.  You sleep all day

You sleep all day, you boss everyone around, you are irritable and irritating to all those who come in contact with you. We rarely talk, and when we do it’s usually a fight. 

We rarely talk, and when we do it’s usually a fight. We used to spend hours 

We used to spend hours at foreplay and when we finally got around to having sex it would be amazing, leg shaking and breathtaking. Now it’s hardly a few minutes, a wham bam thank you ma’am. You spit on my pussy to get it wet, stick your half hard dick in and pump a few hardy times and ohhh ohhh you’re done, you jump off, slap my ass and throw me a towel, pleased with yourself. It makes me feel like a cheap whore, at least the whore gets something when she’s done.  But oh well, why would I need to get fucked?! You got off, “Did you cum?” you always ask. HA!! Obviously not or you wouldn’t have to ask dumbass. 

You used to take me to the forest, you used to let me be me. Last time you took me o the forest, you bitched because it wasn’t how YOU wanted it, you bitched at the girls, you complained about everything. Not fun, not relaxing not what I wanted. 


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