Here’s To Them. (I suppose an ode)

I am writing this because I feel I’ll lose my mind if I don’t. I am writing this because if I don’t my mind will wander to places I don’t need it to wander to. I am writing this because of you. I’m not even writing this; I’m typing it.

Here’s to you, the one who hurts me the most. The one I can’t leave for some odd reason. Maybe it’s a curse, maybe it’s meant to be but boy, does destiny have a funny way of showing that. Who knows, maybe I’ve already gone insane and haven’t realized it yet I mean, crazy people don’t know they’re crazy afterall right?

Here’s to you, the one that always has the right words to say. The one witha voice that penetrates me deep within my emotions. Maybe it is love, maybe it’s insanity because, no matter how many shitty things happen I always stay. 

Here’s to her, the one who harrassed me. The one who called me names to your face. The one who caused drama and to the one I despised. I still don’t know what I did wrong and might not ever know but, I suppose that’s okay.

Here’s to her, the one who became my friend in the end. The one who apologized for the harrassment and the bullshit she’d brought into my life. But it wasn’t long. It never was going to be, was it?

Here’s to her, the one went back to calling me names, the one who harrasses me all over again, the one who now got the police involved because she just, can’t let go. Can’t let others live their lives. Here’s to you who I’ll refer to as A because that’s what you’re names starts with.  

Here’s to you A, for coming into my life and never leaving and becoming this parasite. No, a parasite is far less damaging than you. You’re something as infectious as AIDS or HIV or even Herpes, attaching and killing the people you call friends. Here’s to you, for fucking my life far worse than I can do on my own.

 And L, it’s what I’ll call you and not because you were and “L” I took in my life but because you are human and you’re name starts with L. Here’s to you, a person who makes many mistakes, the same ones over and over again, a human being who’s been in my life since the 7th grade who can read me like an open book. Here’s to you, for damaging me but, never letting me go and always try to fix things no matter how wrong they turn.

Here’s to you, a human with emotions that can be crumpled up into paper ball, a sensitive person, a sensitive guy who doesn’t think before acting upon their own actions. L, you’re not an “L” I took in my life but a person who made me feel something I never knew I could feel. 

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